Rapid Data Cleansing

Inquera’s Rapid Data Cleansing automates cost reduction opportunities by automatically reducing inventory and sourcing costs.

Rapid Data Cleansing will automatically refine, classify and consolidate data about your items in the cloud in order to identify duplicates. Rapid Data Cleansing converts free, unstructured descriptions into normalized tables of attributes and values, resulting in the identification of excess inventory and enabling the reduction of procurement and storage charges in order to improve stock and operational efficiency.

Here's The Deal:

Rapid Data Cleansing requires no customization or risk from our clients. Our revenue models are success-based and our automated processes make Rapid Data Cleansing highly affordable.

  • You send us your Parts and Materials descriptions
  • We run our Optimizer free-of-charge and without any commitment on your end
  • We demonstrate how we were able to improve your MRO data:
    • Products cleansed in each identified category
    • Suspected duplicates found in each category
  • You then decide if you want to buy it, or not. No risk, no commitment!

Once you chose to buy the cleansed data, we will load it onto our advanced web-catalog so that you can review your data, search, compare, consolidate duplicates and even further improve it one your own.

Inquera’s industry-leading Rapid Data Cleansing enables you to lower inventory costs by up to 30%. Eliminating unnecessary stock redundancies will result in new company sourcing strategies which, on average, will reduce sourcing costs by 12%.

Product data cleansing involves classification, value extraction, de-duplication and generation of standard descriptions. Further more, it can be performed on defective data, in multiple languages or dialects with a range of engineering standards. Utilizing its unique technology and knowledge base, Inquera has done this with millions of products. It is always a tough, long and costly task and therefore the ROI is not as high as it can be. The good news is our new Rapid Data Cleansing, which is the best of both worlds.

In a nutshell, Rapid Data Cleansing covers only parts and materials (products) which have a high probability of savings potential. We do not waste resources and money on products which have a lower chance of savings, since it is done automatically with Inquera's Optimizer. It is fast, low-cost and risk-free. We want you to pay for results only, without any prior commitment.

In general, 20% of average business MRO categories represent 80 percent of SKUs and 100% of the savings potential. It makes sense: we will see many suppliers and many duplicates in a category which consists of several thousands SKUs, while in a category consisting of four SKUs we will probably save nothing. Thus, concentrating on the 20% largest categories (80% of the SKUs) will maximize the ROI and saving. Inquera's automation can do exactly this!

The Inquera Rapid Data Cleansing is relevant for factories, logistics operations, purchasing departments and supply chain managers. It is best applied on MRO items such as spare parts, maintenance supplies and machinery.

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